Royal Rehab Consumer Representative Council photo

Consumer Representative Council

The Consumer Representative Council (CRC) is tangible proof of Royal Rehab’s commitment to its clients and their families.

The council of ten consumer representatives were selected from an expression of interest representing a cross section of the organisation. The council meets quarterly to review incidents, quality, safety, provide feedback on information provided to clients to ensure it is user-friendly, discuss how Royal Rehab is performing and suggest improvements.

The Vision and Goals of the Consumer Representative Council are to:

  • Partner with the organisation to represent Royal Rehab consumers
  • Ensure that the Council is known by the consumers and identified as their voice
  • Positively enhance the overall service delivery of Royal Rehab


Members of the CRC receive an orientation tour of Royal Rehab and participate in the following training:

  • An overview of the structure of Royal Rehab and its staff
  • The role of the Consumer Representative and appropriate conduct in the position
  • Understanding confidentiality/privacy issues
  • Reporting mechanisms, with particular reference to the use of the Royal Rehab Visit Report

Code of Conduct

The Council has adopted these general principles and values:

  • Mutual respect
  • Confidentiality
  • Common goal
  • Cohesion and support for one another
  • Honesty and openness
  • Learning

Specifically, the CRC will answer requests for feedback within four weeks.

The CRC has expressed interest in liaison with the following Royal Rehab committees:

  • Food and Nutrition Liaison Committee
  • Lifestyle Service Improvement Group
  • Lifestyle Support Family Advisory Council
  • Weemala Family, Friends and Advocates Forum
  • Consumer Outcomes and Participation Committee, Research
  • Ethics Committee
  • Multicultural Access Committee
  • Research Ethics Committee