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Nutrition & Dietetics


Photo of wheelchair user having shower at beach
“Beach Bums!” NSW Accessible Beach & Surf Equipment
Plan your next beach holiday or weekend adventure using our guide to the beach access equipment available across council beaches in NSW. Our guide includes equipment locations, photos and contact details.
If you can add any additional details to our list then please contact us.
Photo of beach swimming pool
NSW Public Swimming Pools Accessibility Databasecoming soon
This resource details the accessibility features of public pools across NSW including indoor/outdoor swimming, ramp or hoist access, pool wheelchairs, hydrotherapy, accessible changerooms, etc. If you can add any additional details to our list then please contact us. website logo—The disAbility Leisure, Arts, Sports & Lifestyle Guide
A place to explore and learn more about life’s possibilities following a disabling injury or illness. We do this by giving you links to activities ranging from mouth painting to mountain biking, fashion to wheelchair football, ten-pin bowling to international travel. Whatever your lifestyle and interests, we hope you will find something that offers you new ideas or more quickly reconnects you with the things you love doing.


Speech Pathology

Stroke Recovery

  • Prahlad’s Rehab—a story of hope (flipbook) or PDF
    A short online book for stroke survivors and their carers about life and hope after stroke.
    Directions for reading book out loud: Download PDF > open PDF with Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat Pro DC > click on “View” menu > point to “Read Out Loud” submenu > click “Activate Read Out Loud” command > click a paragraph to have Windows read it aloud and a progress bar will appear on your screen. Other read out loud options including read current page, read from current location to the end of the document, pause, stop, and play are available by returning to the “Read Out Loud” submenu.