Volunteer with Royal Rehab

Our dedicated volunteers are as vital to Royal Rehab as our professional staff.

With a wide range of backgrounds and skills, you’ll find volunteers working directly with clients, raising funds, providing administrative support, helping raise community awareness of our work and pitching in wherever they have skills and we have needs.

Every hour generously donated helps improve the quality and availability of our services.

How volunteers help us

  • Our visitor volunteer program provides conversations, card games and other social contact.
  • Supervise Freya, our ASDOG (Australian Support Dogs Inc), whilst she provides companionship to any dog-loving clients.
  • Helping with rehabilitation practice, improving communication or mobility.
  • Providing pastoral care or chaplaincy.
  • Helping during meal times.
  • Improving community access with social and travel assistance.
  • Organising or working at events.
  • Administrative and office support.
  • Providing feedback and advice as consumers by being a member of our Consumer Representative Council.

Volunteers work at both Royal Rehab in Ryde and at clients’ homes across NSW.

What we ask of volunteers

Apart from your enthusiasm, compassion and discretion, we do ask for a regular commitment of time. Weekly, fortnightly or monthly is fine, but consistency is essential. Different volunteer roles have varying minimum time commitments, starting at two hours per session.

How to become a volunteer

If you’d like to know more, please phone Ayse Dalkic, manager of our volunteer services, on (02) 9808 9638 or email us or you can go straight to our Application Form.


Why volunteer with Royal Rehab?

Sharing your spare time, energy and compassion can make a real difference to people who’ve had a life-changing event. Your volunteer support extends our capacity to do more for more people.

Volunteering with Royal Rehab makes you part of a community and will give you new skills (as well as extend your existing skills).

It can also have positive effects for paid work. Apart from giving you relevant skills for related industries, many employers consider volunteer work in job candidates as a clear statement of their community commitment and willing to do more than the minimum.

Who can volunteer?

We welcome everyone who wants to make a difference, regardless of education, background or skills. Some roles require police and working with children checks.

What time do I have to commit?

We have roles with a range of time commitments. Check the descriptions of current Volunteering Opportunities, or give us a call to talk about it.

Are there short-term volunteer vacancies available?

Yes! If you can’t commit to a continuing role, there are plenty of short-term vacancies, usually for specific projects.

How do I become a Royal Rehab Volunteer?

The first step is to have a look through our current positions and phone or email us.

We’ll have an interview on the phone, or in person for some roles, to get to know one another and talk through the volunteer roles and what’s expected.

We ask all volunteers to have a police, reference and working with children check so we can meet our legal obligations regarding child protection, privacy and confidentiality.

Some roles have other legal or training requirements which we’ll discuss in the interview.

What support and training do you provide?

Training and specialist skills depend on the role. For those with specific needs, we’ll provide any training you need, starting as soon as you’re accepted as a volunteer.

Every new volunteer attends one of our regular monthly orientation sessions.

You’ll be supported by the manager and coordinators of volunteers, as well as other staff. You’re able to contact them any time you need help.

Can I get formal recognition for my volunteering?

We provide certificates of appreciation to our volunteers which can document your contribution for student internships and awards like the Duke of Edinburgh Award.


“Volunteer work at Royal Rehab gave me the opportunity to gain hands on experience with dietitians. I assisted in developing resources that will be used by the dietetic department for patients, helped provide evidence for accreditation standards and attended an outpatient clinic with the dietitian to experience patient consultations. It was such a positive and rewarding experience. I would like to thank all staff for making my time at Royal Rehab so pleasant!”

Katie, Volunteer Student Dietitian

“I became a volunteer at the Royal Rehab after I heard of the wonderful work they do to help the community. It gives me satisfaction to know that I can help by volunteering in the office of the college. There are many opportunities to volunteer within the services of Royal Rehab.”

Suzette, Volunteer