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Event Date: Sunday 9 August 2015 8:00 am

Contact: Martina at 9808 9377 or email at

1 week to go until we Run4Rehab!

Join or sponsor our Royal Rehab Team to:

  • Accept the challenge of running/walking/pushing 14km
  • Help us promote and celebrate Brain Injury Awareness Week, commencing Monday 17 August. This year the focus will be on the impact of assaults and the challenges facing the victims of violence and their families.
  • Fundraise for our Brain Injury Unit

How to sponsor our team

To sponsor our team or one of its members click on EverydayHero.

How to join our team

Follow this step-by-step guide to:

  1. Register in the City2Surf—this is for you to enter the City2Surf only and does not assist you with fundraising so you need to join EverydayHero as per the next point to raise funds for our Brain Injury Unit
  2. Join EverydayHero—this is for fundraising purposes only so you still need to enter the City2Surf as per the above point

Meet our Team Ambassadors

Training Guide

You can access helpful online training tips covering:

  • Healthy eating—special thanks to Priya Iyer (Royal Rehab Dietitian Professional Leader) and Chloris Leung (Royal Rehab Volunteer Dietitian)
  • Injury prevention (coming soon!)—special thanks to Sarah Fereday (Royal Rehab Physiotherapy Professional Leader)
  • Training plans—courtesy of City2Surf, adidas and Rupert van Dongen