client in Productive Garden

Horticultural Therapy

Gardening as therapy


The Royal Rehab Productive Garden is available for our clients to use in therapy for:

  • reaching, grasping and releasing with an occupational therapist
  • exploring gardening for leisure with a recreation therapist
  • naming and conversation with a speech pathologist
  • mindfulness with a psychologist
  • standing and walking with a physiotherapist
  • harvesting produce for meal preparation with an occupational therapist
  • ideas for nutritional meals with a dietitian


Gardening for leisure


Inpatients and their families can visit our Productive Garden anytime to do:

  • watering
  • planting
  • pruning
  • and everyone’s favourite… weeding.

Of course there are two other activities that anyone can do at any time without contacting us:

  • Smelling the herbs
  • Enjoying the outdoors

We look forward to seeing you in the garden!