client in Productive Garden

Productive Garden

Gardening as therapy

The Royal Rehab Productive Garden is available for our clients to use with any of their clinicians for:

  • reaching, grasping & releasing with an occupational therapist
  • exploring gardening for leisure with a recreation therapist
  • naming & conversation with a speech pathologist
  • mindfulness with a psychologist
  • standing & walking with a physiotherapist
  • harvesting produce for meal preparation with an occupational therapist
  • ideas for nutritional meals with a dietician

If you would like to spend time in our Productive Garden during your stay please let your treating team know.

Gardening for leisure

We invite you & your family to spend time in our Productive Garden:

  • watering
  • planting
  • pruning
  • and everyone’s favourite… weeding

If interested please email us or request one of your clinicians to put you in touch with our Productive Garden Project Officer.

Of course there are two other activities that you can do any time without contacting us:

  • Smelling the herbs
  • Enjoying the outdoors

We look forward to meeting you in the garden!