Photo of Kevin Luu & Katrina Lane copyright 2016 Mark Scott

Recovered from injury, Kevin returns to help out Royal Rehab

Pride of Australia nominee Kevin Luu, pictured with physio Katrina Lane. Picture: Mark Scott

The following article was written by Steven Deare, Northern District Times, September 27, 2016 5:13pm.

WATCH Kevin Luu run and you may have a hard time believing he struggled to perform simple tasks just a few years ago.

The 24-year-old university student ran a marathon this month, only four years since he suffered a traumatic brain injury in a cycling accident.

Mr Luu had been cycling Bobbin Head Rd at St Ives when he hit a pothole and crashed.

The injury left him unable to communicate or perform simple tasks, which he spent about 18 months relearning at Royal Rehab at Ryde.

Yet as Mr Luu’s condition improved in 2014, he decided his recovery alone was not enough.

“I wanted to help other people succeed in the way I succeeded in recovery from my injury,” he said.

Kevin helps out at the centre to give back for the help he received as one of its patients after suffering a severe brain injury.

The budding exercise physiologist began helping those participating in the same weekly physiotherapy sessions he had undertaken at Royal Rehab.

Mr Luu helped instruct and encourage participants to improve their mobility by performing actions like raising their legs, and walking up steps.

“When someone believes they can do it, they will do it,” he said.

He voluntarily provided his services until he returned to university recently.

“You can get rewarded by helping others, more so than helping yourself,” he said.

Mr Luu has shared his recovery story with many people undertaking similar rehabilitation.

Royal Rehab CEO Stephen Lowndes nominated Mr Luu for the Pride of Australia award for having selflessly and enthusiastically given back to the organisation in many ways.