Referral & Admissions

Please call us to discuss your referral enquiries. You can speak with our Referral Co-ordinators on 0412 254 269 or discuss with the relevant service manager. For contact details of each service manager, please see below.

Brain Injury Unit (BIU):

BIU accepts referrals from acute hospitals for clients living within parts of Metropolitan Sydney and Northern NSW who meet the admission criteria.

The admission criteria are:

  • has sustained a traumatic brain injury
  • 16-65 years old or working full time
  • lives within metropolitan Sydney or Northern NSW
  • has active rehabilitation goals
  • is medically stable
  • has an identified discharge destination where possible

Once a referral has been reviewed and accepted, the Royal Rehab referral coordinator will obtain a full client history, current update, identify rehabilitation goals and provide information to the client and family regarding the BIU program and centre.

BIU: (02) 9809 9023

Brain Injury Community Rehabilitation Team (BICRT)

BICRT accepts medical referrals from Royal Rehabs BIU, acute hospitals, GPs and other community organisations. A medical referral is required for a client to be considered for BICRT.

The admission criteria are:

  • has sustained a traumatic brain injury
  • 16-65 years or working full time
  • lives within the catchment area
  • has active rehabilitation goals

Once a referral has been received, reviewed and accepted by the clinical operations manager and rehabilitation specialist, contact will be made.

T. (02) 9809 9000

Spinal Injury Unit

For referral enquiries, please contact Spinal Injury Unit on (02) 9808 9222.

Spinal Outreach Service:

For referral enquiries, please email Spinal Outreach Service at: rscis@royalrehab.com.au


To access therapy from the outpatients department, a referral is required by your treating doctor or allied health professional. Our general admission criteria state that clients must have the capacity for functional gain and be:

  • Receiving optimal medical management
  • Recent injury, illness or exacerbation of a chronic neurological or musculoskeletal condition that has impacted on their functioning in daily activities
  • Living in the community within Northern Sydney Local Health District
  • Able to access the centre for treatment
  • Aged 16 – 75 years
  • Consent to treatment
  • Motivated to achieve identified goals

Please contact the Outpatients Department if you would like further information or to make a referral enquiry:

P. (02) 9808 9218
F. (02) 8808 3895
E. Email us

Stepping On

For further information or referral enquiries contact

T. 9808 9685
M. 0401 715 845
E. steppingon@royalrehab.com.au

Return2Driving logo

For further information or referral enquiries contact Return2Driving on:

T. (02) 9808 9328
F. (02) 8088 4783
E. Email us

Home Based Rehabilitation Program

For enquiries and referrals contact the manager on (02) 9808 9687.

Transitional Aged Care Program (TACP)

Referrals to the program are coordinated through each local health district. Please contact the TACP Coordinator in the relevant region to make a referral.

Lifestyle Support

For in-take and referral enquiries regarding Supported Accommodation and Lifestyle Support options, please contact:
natalie.ryan@royalrehab.com.au (02) 9809 9049


Call our Return2Sport team on 02 9808 9353 to discuss your interests.