Brain Injury Unit

The Brain Injury Unit is a statewide service for adults aged 16 to 65. The Brain Injury Unit has 16 single rooms, a shared treatment area, an accessible courtyard and outdoor recreation area, which can be used for therapy or family visits, and a hydrotherapy pool. The Brain Injury Unit also facilitates New Haven, a Transitional Living Program (TLP).

Your Program

Your program will be individually tailored to assist you in meeting your rehabilitation goals.
Our team members will work with you to assess your current level of function, assist you in establishing clear rehab goals and regularly assess your progress in relation to your goals.
Our focus is on assisting you to gain as much function and independence as possible with the aim of maximising your quality of life.

Referral & Admissions

The Brain Injury Unit accepts referrals from acute hospitals for clients living within parts of metropolitan sydney and northern NSW who meet the admission criteria.

The admission criteria are:

  • Has sustained a traumatic brain injury
  • Is medically stable
  • Is 16–65 years old or working full-time
  • Lives within metropolitan Sydney or northern NSW
  • Has active rehabilitation goals
  • Has an identified discharge destination where possible

Once a referral has been reviewed and accepted, the Royal Rehab Referral Coordinator will obtain a full client history, current update, identify rehabilitation goals, and provide information to the client and family regarding the Rehabilitation program details.

Contact the Brain Injury Unit

T. 02 9809 9023
F. 02 9807 7484