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  • Off-road assessment physical screen
  • Setting up for success
  • On-road assessment
  • Transferring into car for lesson
  • Hand-control training

Driving is important to most of us and it’s a freedom we often take for granted. An injury or illness can affect your ability to drive, potentially with a big impact on your independence.

Return2Driving promotes safety and independence in driving for people with a range of disabilities and/or medical issues. Our team works together to assess, advise and support people through all the necessary steps towards independent driving. Support from orthoptists and other health professionals is available as required.


  • is run by specially qualified occupational therapists and driving instructors five days per week so has a shorter waiting list than other places
  • was one of the first to offer driving rehab and assessment so have vast experience and knowledge
  • is centrally located
  • has no geographical boundaries in NSW for referral

Return2Driving provides:

  • driver assessment and training five days per week
  • defensive driving techniques and driver education
  • advice on vehicle modification and equipment installation, including supplies and costs
  • graded rehabilitation programs
  • access to specifically modified vehicles
  • licensing support
  • reports and/or liaison with companies for insurance/compensable patients
  • resources on all aspects of driver rehabilitation
  • education and seminars


Driver assessment has four parts. It’s different from the standard Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) driving test.

1. Medical

A doctor will complete the initial medical assessment based on RMS guidelines. If you’re considered medically fit to undergo the assessment, an appointment will be made.

2. Off-road assessment (approx 1½-2 hours)

Your driving history, visual and physical status, thinking skills, and capabilities will be assessed together with your knowledge of current road laws and rules.

3. The on-road assessment (approx 1 hour)

An occupational therapist and driving instructor will assess you using our dual-control automatic vehicle. Your control of the vehicle and driving in varying conditions will be reviewed, taking into account your past driving experience, an unfamiliar car and it being an assessment situation.

4. Feedback and Discussion (approx 20 minutes)

Results and recommendations will be discussed at the end of the assessment to make sure you understand of the outcome and our recommendations to the RMS.

5. Report

Following these assessments, we’ll give you a comprehensive report with detailed information about your driving performance together with recommendations. These may include:

  • The go-ahead for you to return to driving
  • Modifications to your vehicle together with a series of lessons
  • Driving lessons to upgrade your skills
  • Referral to other health professionals, eg orthoptist, psychologist
  • Temporary suspension of your licence while you further recover
  • Return to driving with restrictions
  • Forfeiting of your driving licence and support and advice on alternative transport options


Return2Driving has a range of assessment and rehabilitation packages available depending on your funding source. To find out details and costs, please contact us on either:

T. (02) 9808 9328
F. (02) 8088 4783
E.  Email Return2Driving



Medical Conditions

For further information contact Return2Driving on:
T. (02) 9808 9328
F. (02) 8088 4783
E. Email us