Return2Driving Rebates and Subsidies

There are funding options available to assist you to cover the cost of your Occupational Therapy Driving Assessment. Please contact our staff who can provide more detail on specific options for your individual circumstances.

  • Workcover/Lifetime Care/Compensable

If you are eligible for claiming medical and rehabilitation expenses through Workcover, Lifetime Care, or other Insurers we can provide a quote to submit for approval prior to booking your assessment.

  • Pension Support Grant Scheme

If you are in receipt of the Disability Support Pension or an Aged Pension, you are eligible to apply for the Grant Scheme at Royal Rehab. Please contact us for the application form and provide photocopy evidence of your pension card.

  • Private Health Insurance

Rebates are available through Private Health Insurance companies if you have ancillary cover for Occupational Therapy. Please contact your insurance provider to check the actual rebate for this service, and advise us if you need a receipt for claiming.

  • Medicare

If you have a chronic condition and complex needs, you may be eligible for a rebate for the occupational therapy driving assessment.  A person who has a chronic or terminal medical condition (with or without multidisciplinary care needs) can have a GP Management Plan (GPMP) service. You will need to see your GP to see if you are eligible to access a medicare rebate for allied health services

  • DVA Gold/White Card

Some Veterans may be entitled to this assessment through DVA depending on their accepted disabilities and approval from DVA. Prior approval is required from DVA if you are being funded for your driving assessment

  • Job Access

Employment Assistance Fund—Funding may be provided for the Occupational Therapy Driving Assessment, any vehicle modifications required and further driving lessons.  Eligibility is determined by need for vehicle modifications and requirements of work duties (ie driving is a requirement of work duties). You will need to contact Job Access to make a referral and to determine if you are eligible

  • Associations and Brokerage funding

In some circumstances there may be grants or brokerage funds available from associations and service providers. If you are linked into these programs, contact them to see if you are eligible.