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We provide a range of individual and group therapy programs for those living within the Northern Sydney Local Health District.

Programs are developed to meet your specific needs and delivered by an experienced team.

Apart from direct therapy, we’ll work with you, your family and carers to help you learn how to manage living with the limitations of your disability.

We’ll link you to other services as you need them.

To access therapy from the outpatients department, a referral  is required by your treating doctor or allied health professional. Our general admission criteria state that clients must have the capacity for functional gain and be:

  • Receiving optimal medical management
  • Recent injury, illness or exacerbation of a chronic neurological or musculoskeletal condition that has impacted on their functioning in daily activities
  • Living in the community within Northern Sydney Local Health District
  • Able to access the centre for treatment
  • From age 16 to 65 years (or still working)
  • Consent to treatment
  • Motivated to achieve identified goals

Photo of Occupational Therapist assisting Outpatient

Allied Health Services

The Outpatient Department provides goal oriented therapy services. Allied health therapy programs are developed to meet your specific needs and can include physiotherapy, aquatic physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, social work, dietetics, neuropsychology and rehabilitation medicine as needed.

Group Therapy

Apart from your individual therapy, we offer a number of programs where working in a group improves the effectiveness of the program.

Talk Time

Talk Time is a group program to help restore your ability and confidence in speaking. It provides language rehabilitation, conversation and support as group members work towards their personal goals.

Sessions, which run for six weeks, are based on popular themes like current affairs, sports, entertainment, hobbies, music and family.

Outpatient hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy (Aquatic Physiotherapy)

Aquatic physiotherapy can help you build strength, range of movement and function
Sessions, which run for around 45 minutes, are conducted by a physiotherapist with an assistant in the pool to demonstrate your exercises at all times. Exercise programs are developed to assist with pain relief, strengthening, cardiovascular and range of movement exercises. The exercises are designed to enable you to continue your program independently in your local pool. Medical clearance is required prior to accessing the hydrotherapy pool.


This group now designed for individuals to come and practice there individual exercise programs that were developed in consultation with the physiotherapist. Individuals can use equipment to return to activities such as returning to running, sport or to prepare for returning to their local gyms once they are discharged from the Outpatient program.

Get Fit

This is a circuit based ‘Reconditioning’ style group. There are stations set up in the gym area to focus on upper and lower limb strengthening, stairs practice, balance practice and cardiovascular exercise. The stations can be adapted to the individual’s current level of fitness.

Outpatient reaching for ball

Upper Limb Group

Stations are setup up with various functional activities to improve upper limb function through repetitive practice. Stations can be adapted to the individual’s level of function.

Carers Group

The carer role is unique yet often the best source of support comes from others in a similar situation. Creating an opportunity for carers to share their experience and gain mutual support from one another can assist carers in dealing with both the positive and challenging issues they face. One of the ways in which carers can have an opportunity to share their experience is through a carer support group. Social Workers from the Outpatients Program facilitate a carer education and support group where the focus is on developing carer strengths, skills and strategies to effectively manage the carer journey.

Please contact the Outpatients Department if you would like further information and/or read our brochure:

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Royal Rehab Private Outpatients

Should you hold private health insurance, Royal Rehab Private Outpatients offer day programs that can also assist you reach your rehabilitation goals using a multidisciplinary treating team.

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