Wheelchair & Seating Services

Your wheelchair and living aids are key to your rehabilitation and it’s essential it’s maintained to the highest standard for its performance, comfort and safety. The Royal Rehab wheelchair and seating service offers maintenance, modification and cleaning. A wide range of living aid equipment is available to hire and buy on long or short term arrangements.


Regular cleaning of your equipment can extend the life of your equipment. Our cleaning service includes :

  • Wiping the frame with detergent and antiviral cleaner
  • Steam cleaning of arm rests, back support, seating and footplates
  • Steam cleaning of non-reachable sections of the chair including the wheels
  • Inspection of components that may be failing

Maintenance and modification

We’ll maintain your equipment to reduce the risk of untimely and inconvenient breakdowns. We can help if equipment needs modifications to meet your needs and offer free quotes on new and used equipment. We’re happy to work with all funding bodies to achieve the best outcome for the client and can even provide loan equipment in the event of any major or long term repairs.


We can arrange specialised seating consultancy with a Royal Rehab Occupational Therapist if required.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 7:00am to 3:30pm.

Contact us

Martin Willcocks, Graham Lloyd, Paul Killian
Ph: (02) 9808 9308 Mob: 0400 180 609