Photo of Sigrid

Sigrid—City2Surf Ambassador

“I am Sigrid and have two teenage sons…

My life changed on Sunday 31 August 2008. I was returning to Sydney after a week’s skiing at Thredbo when I had a very serious car accident on Mt Kosciuszko Road. It was raining heavily the night before and I left early in the morning, unfortunately the road was icy.

I was taken to Canberra Hospital in an induced coma and I stayed there for over one month. When I was deemed to be ready, I was transferred to Royal Rehab and it became my home for the next 6 months. My time spent at Royal Rehab was incredibly productive. I received all the support required to get back home. The staff are wonderful people, they have a laugh and a smile, which is so important when you are recovering from injuries. ‘Laughter is the best medicine’.

I am very proud of family. Their love and support has been fantastic. They have been my motivating factor. I have really pushed myself. As a mother you are always concerned about the welfare of your children… My friends have also supported me keeping me busy and occupied. I have joined the local gym and returned back to work at a Sydney secondary school as an administrative clerk on a voluntary basis. I no longer work at the secondary school as have successfully completed a Business Administration Diploma at TAFE. My life has changed %1000, so, now I’m making my situation work for me and I am now volunteering at RPA at the Chris O’Brien Life House, part of the Arterie Program, which is fantastic and working 1–2 days a week, which works out very well. Actually everything has now worked out very well, I can now say I’m happy.

I have always set myself goals: go home, walk properly, talk better, etc. Goals are an important motivator. Right now my goals are simply to see my sons grow into adults.

Even though I will never be the person I once was, I am happy with the person I have become. I have learnt a lot from this experience and the most important thing I learnt is to stay positive. There are so many burdens to recovery, you need a positive attitude otherwise you get nowhere.

I am currently half way through my life, it’s not often you get to live a life as two different people, so I am planning to enjoy and make the most of everyday.”

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