I am a freelance journalist and film maker. In 1994, whilst an intern at the Colombo Sunday Times in Sri Lanka, I was a passenger involved in a serious car crash which injured nine, caused one fatality and resulted in me having emergency brain surgery at the local hospital and then spending one month in a coma before being repatriated to Australia to the RNSH and Royal Rehab.

Thank God, Dr King picked me for rehabilitation at Royal Rehab. That’s the whole reason I’m who and what I am today. I can’t imagine what my life would have been like if I didn’t start this long journey I’ve been on and still am.

As soon as I could,I started trying to remember names and places.It is so important to jump-start the brain at this time.I had to get used to a computer keyboard… as well as spend extra time in the hydrotherapy pool with a kickboard and flippers, as well as months of acupressure massage. Amazingly, I have gone on to complete 2 post-graduate degrees.

I have been a disability rights advocate including being a ‘Don’t Dis My Ability’ ambassador three times. I have been a Disability Officer at UTS, as well as a state representative of Women with Disabilities. I have also been a board member of the Disability Council of NSW which advises the State Government on disability policy.

Most recently I was the Delineate award winner as an Independent artist with a disability. This gave me the opportunity to create a documentary about civilian casualties in Afghanistan.

I remember so clearly telling my physio, Joan, at Royal Rehab, that it was my dream to one day, sit in a café and be able to look like I don’t have a severe brain injury. Out of all my achievements that is the most precious gift of all, which I owe to Royal Rehab.