Tony’s story—how In-Voc helped him return to work

Sharing the stories of peers is a common informal practice when supporting a person with spinal cord injury (SCI) to consider their future. In-Voc decided to formalise this strategy to fill a resource gap in the area of SCI vocational rehabilitation. The In-Voc Service aimed to produce a series of videos capturing the return to work journeys of people with SCI as personal accounts may inspire and encourage more active participation in vocational planning. Here is Tony’s story.

Tony sustained a C2AISB SCI resulting in ventilator dependent tetraplegia consequent to surgery to remove a tumor. He was an In-Voc participant during his 17-month inpatient stay at Prince of Wales Hospital. During his admission he resumed attending the University of New South Wales and went on to complete a BA Commerce BA Laws. He was successful in his application for a new grad position with ASIC and commenced in early 2016. He is currently working full-time as an analyst, four days in the office and one day from home.

Key themes captured in the film include:

  • Early vocational intervention changed Tony’s perception of his future.
  • Educational achievement bolstered Tony’s confidence and ambition.
  • Employers did not discriminate.
  • His current employer notes the positive impact his presence has on the work culture.
  • Work brings well-being.

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