The NSW Spinal Outreach Service

The metropolitan and rural spinal outreach services support people with a spinal cord injury, their carers and local clinicians across New South Wales.

Supporting professionals on the team include doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and social workers.

The service is based at Royal Rehab and works closely with the spinal units at Royal Rehab, Royal North Shore Hospital and the Prince of Wales Hospital.

Metropolitan Spinal Outreach Service

We provide:

  • Specialist multi-disciplinary support, education and clinical interventions in metropolitan Sydney.
  • Health promotion, education and advice to community clinicians including GPs, community nurses, allied health professionals and carers.
  • Counselling and advocacy through various agencies covering employment, financial, funding, relationships, vocational, mental health services etc.
  • Access to information and resources available within the SSCIS

Who can use the Metropolitan Spinal Outreach Service?

  • People with recent spinal cord injury* (SCI) who are being discharged from NSW spinal units and who live with the area bounded by the Southern Highlands, Wyong and Lithgow.
  • People with a previous SCI who’ve been re-admitted to a spinal injury unit.
  • Those with an SCI* moving from paediatric services.

Services are available for up to 12 months after you’re discharged from hospital. They’re provided at your home in line with your needs and goals.

You must have a spinal specialist involved in their care.

* The State Spinal Cord Injury Service (SSCIS) of NSW is responsible for the management of adults with a spinal cord injury where there is a persistent neurological deficit arising from either a traumatic or non-traumatic, but non-progressive, cause.

Rural Spinal Cord Injury Service

We provide:

  • Specialist medical and multidisciplinary clinics to regional centres and rural areas for rural people with recent and persisting SCI. (regional centres include but are not limited to Coffs Harbour, Ballina, Tamworth, Dubbo, Wagga. Centres are determined on a needs basis through an annual review).
  • Education for clinicians and service providers in regional centres and rural areas.
  • Assistance for rural clinicians working with complex cases
  • General clinical support and advice to rural clinicians.

Who can access the Rural Spinal Cord Injury Service?

  • Rural people with spinal cord injuries who’ve been admitted to a NSW spinal unit.
  • Rural people with an SCI who need specialist medical and multi-disciplinary clinic reviews. (conditions apply†)
  • Rural clinicians and service providers requiring specialist spinal education, clinical support and advice.

† Clinic numbers may be limited in some areas. Clinic reviews will be prioritised according to need. A GP referral and diagnostic review will be required priorto clinic attendance.

Download 2018 NSW Spinal Outreach Service Rural Timetable

To find out more, please email us at: rscis@royalrehab.com.au

Royal Rehab, Spinal Outreach Service

Video Consultation Service

This video consultation service is for people who have a scheduled appointment with the Spinal Outreach Service.

Appointments for this service must be arranged in advanced, if you have booked a telehealth video-consultation, simply click the start video call button 5 minutes before your booked appointment time.

These video calls work using the Google Chrome web browser.

No special software or plugins need to be installed.

Google Chrome can be downloaded at: www.google.com/chrome.

This service is provided by Healthdirect Australia and Spinal Outreach Service. If you have any enquiries please contact Bharti Chhabra (Bharti.Chhabra@royalrehab.com.au | 02 9808 9666).